48″ x 72″ Tall Glass Competition Backboard

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Built-in support structure absorbs over 98% of the stress from goal contact without transferring it to the glass… Goal is mounted “off glass” so even excessive hanging and abuse will not cause stress • Never again be concerned about the risk of injury or inconvenience of glass breakage • All Bison competition glass backboards are pre-drilled for quick installation of original DuraSkin backboard padding.

Traditional size, improved quality • This 48″ x 72″ board is a common fixture in gyms across the US and meets all appropriate rules for competition play • Board features 42″ x 62″ structure mounting pattern and 5″ x 5″ goal mounting pattern and will replace virtually any manufacturer’s original tall glass backboard • 10-year limited warranty. Approx. shipping weight: 210#; Truck

Caution:  Studies have demonstrated that 42″ x 72″ glass backboards reduce the risk of player injury from backboard contact. BA42XL and BA42XLC are recommended for all new installations and fan-to-rectangle conversions. Bison makes 48″ x 72″ backboards available ONLY for replacement applications..


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