Electric Backstop Winches


Lightweight, but not lightweight when it comes to power, safety and durability • ¾ HP instantly reversible motor develops 1250# of cable lift at a speed of 9 feet per minute • ¼” diameter, 7000# aircraft cable winds on a 4½” diameter grooved aluminum drum • Hardened, positive locking, steel worm gears are designed with a 200:1 reduction to eliminate backlash and slippage common on belt driven winches • Additional features include easy to set limit switches, cable take up tension roller, UL listing and optional remote control operation • Includes key switch, cord and 110 volt plug • Order BA973LR for ¾ HP Electric Backstop Winch or BA974LR for 1 HP Electric Backstop Winch • Order SUCBLFT for cut to length ¼” aircraft cable.


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