Fan-Shaped Steel Playground Backboard Retrofit Kit


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Upgrade existing playground poles… Facilities that have existing 3½”, 4½” or 5-9/16″ outside diameter steel poles and want to install replacement backboards and support braces at the desired rim height can use these retrofit kits to refresh outdoor courts • Rim height can be adjusted to approximately 24″ below the current top of the previously installed pole • The specially designed fan steel backboard features rear mounting slots allowing the rim mounting location to be lowered to position the rim at official 10′ or as low as 8½’ in most cases depending on the distance from the top of the horizontal pole to the playing surface • Retrofit kits each include BA495 fan steel backboard, 2 backboard support braces, pole mounting bracket and all necessary hardware • Order BA495A3 for 3-1/2″ diameter poles, BA495A4 for 4-1/2″ poles, or BA495A5 for 5-9/16″ poles • Order rim separately.


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