Field Modifiable Wall Mounted Structure Packages


Bison Shooting Stations provide a wall mount system to match any budget and level of need. Prior to purchase, verify that your wall is suitable in construction, size and layout to support the package weight and stress from use. When traditional competition wall structures are more than your facility requires, choose from fixed height or adjustable packages with steel, glass, molded graphite or acrylic backboard options.

These complete kits provide all the necessary components (except wall mounting fasteners) to install a rigid, durable basketball system to the wall of your existing facility…Choose from 1′-4′ or 4′-8′ extensions and different backboard options shown in chart. Cut and drill extension tubes at desired extension length • Optional backboard padding and optional goal height adjusters available • 5-year warranty on structures • See chart for warranties on backboards and goals (NOTE:  BA32 is included in PKG14STFS and PKG48STFS).

Caution:  Wall structure purchaser assumes mounting liability.


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