Firewall™ Solid Color Flange Mount Wall Padding 2′ x 6′ Panel

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Provide player protection around the entire gym or just under the basket…Bison’s solid color wood-backed wall pads with Class A fire rating are available in new easy-to-order and easy-to-install 2′ x 6′ panels. Simply request a quote for the number of panels you need and choose a vinyl color (or two)!  Bison’s flange mounting system mounts directly to the wall with two holes top and bottom using the hardware recommended for your wall (not included).  Order WP10F for a field-installed cutout kit.  See Firewall Custom Indoor Wall Padding for special sizes and configurations including cutouts and full-color graphics.

Solid color Firewall wall pads are constructed of Neoprene foam with Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) of 35+/- 10 pounds ASTM D3574 Test B1 and a density of 6.2 pounds per cubic foot per ASTM D3574 Test A • Firewall Neoprene foam passes California Fire Code TIB 117:2013 • 16 ounce leather grain vinyl has a tear strength of 75 x 753 pounds per inch and has been treated with anti-mildew and UV protection • Conforms to NFPA-701, CSFM and has a Class A fire rating under ASTM E-84 • Wood backed padding is mounted on 7/16″ OSB composite board with the foam attached to the OSB with water based adhesive • Assembled padding has been tested and passes the NFPA 286 fire test for wall coverings • Firewall gym padding is available in 13 vinyl colors:  athletic gold, orange, scarlet, maroon, kelly green, forest green, columbia blue, royal blue, dark royal, navy blue, purple, gray, and black (vinyl samples available upon request).

Video available:  Wall Padding Options & Installation


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