HangTime 6″ Adjustable Height Basketball Systems


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HangTime adjustable home basketball systems include all the most popular features at an affordable price . . .6″ square, 1/4″ wall pole now includes a new convenient hinged base allowing easy assembly to ground level without a ladder or heavy lifting • Choose from 60″ clear or smoked glass backboards or 72″ clear glass backboards • Features include: TruGlass tempered backboard, EZ SwingUp hinged base, 54″ safe play area, 7-1/2″ – 10′ rim height adjustment, free backboard padding, free fitted pole padding, gym quality heavy-duty breakaway goal, easy-to-read rim height indicator, lockable right angle rim height crank, and textured black powder coated finish • Limited Lifetime warranty (2-year on goal and height adjustment mechanism)

HangTime installation no longer takes wobbly ladders, heavy lifting, contract installers or 3-4 adults!  Unlike similar systems, HangTime EZ SwingUp base system allows all assembly to happen safely and easily at ground level.  When all assembly is complete, just swing the complete system into vertical position, lock in place with four bolts and you are ready to play.

Video available:  HangTime System Installation & Setup


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