ZipCrank Height Adjuster for T-Rex Portables

Original price was: $2,244.00.Current price is: $2,129.00.

Increase your T-Rex portable rim height flexibility with the addition of a Zip Crank Goal Height Adjuster system… Do you wish you didn’t need to lose safe play area under the basket as you lower your rim on your spring counterbalanced parallelogram design portables? Now you can adjust rim height on any T-Rex Competition (BA898G) or T-Rex Side Court (BA895G) from 7½’ to 10′ without major loss of distance from the face of the backboard to the front of the base.

Rim height is easily adjusted straight up and down with an awning style hand crank.

This feature is perfect for facilities that regularly need lowered rim heights for young players, but that don’t want to sacrifice safe play common with most portables.

BA980P must be added at time of order and can not be retrofitted to existing portables.


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